Our guarantees

To buy works of art in all confidence and at the right price.

The approval from the Auction Sales Council

Millon is a voluntary auction sales House which has been approved by the Auction Sales Council (CVV). This means that every auctioneer from Artprecium is entitled to conduct public auction sales. The works of art that have been bought are guaranteed for 10 years.

Specialized experts

The works of art are appraised by the best specialists in their field (modern paintings, masterpieces, engravings, sculptures, drawings and photographs) as well as by the beneficiaries or any other person having authority over the artist.
An in-depth description related to any restoration, failure or damage is achieved. They are photographed and can be viewed on our catalogue.

The principle of bidding: to buy at your price

Democratic by definition, the auction sale enables to reach the right price for a work of art thanks to the competition freely generated by the buyers. Thus, you can set your own purchasing boundaries freely and with no constraint and buy at the price you had previously set.