Charges and payment

Low, simplified selling charges

Artprecium ensures the seller with low selling charges. Those charges are set depending on the number of works of art to be sold and their valuation. They are calculated as soon as the estimate of a work of art has been requested.
These charges are all inclusive: they include selling charges as well as taxes and various Artist’s Resale Rights (or droits de suite) (consult our FAQ to read more).
Should your works of art remain unsold, no charges will be asked.
We do not apply any administration charges.

Financial benefits

Under some particular circumstances, you can be granted exclusive financial benefits.

  • Loan on your sale : you can be granted part of the value of your work of art before the auction.
  • Price guarantee : we ensure a selling price at least equal to the lower estimate.
  • Anticipated payment : your sale is paid before the payment deadlines.

A fast, secured payment

Every amount received by the buyers is transferred onto a third account secured and guaranteed. You will get the payment of your sale after the deduction of charges within four weeks following the sale.
Our sellers are paid through bank transfer for a fast, secured payment.