How to sell

Three steps to easily sell your works of art with Artprecium:

1 - First ask for an estimate

Without any prior commitment from your part, we can give you in no time and less than 48 hours, a valuation of your works of art through our online application form for a free estimate request or by setting up an appointment in Paris or in other French regions. Our specialists can also come and visit you at home to draw an inventory.

Get an estimate of your works of art :

2 – Entrust your works of art to our team for an appraisal

Further to this previous estimate, should you decide to put your works of art for sale, an appraisal on evidence will have to be achieved. In that case, you will just have to leave your works of art in our offices (Paris or Marseille) or ask for our shipping network to pick them up. This appraisal is free of charge and without any commitment from your part as our team will have your works of art insured for you.

Give your agreement to include your works of art in one of our upcoming auction

An order will then be drawn including the Business and Use Terms and Conditions. Your works of art are photographed in details with a complete description of them, and then put on line three weeks prior to the auction sale. They can also be viewed in our offices by all the collectors.

The proceeding of the auction sale can be viewed publicly online and you are given the results by email. You can get all the results regarding your works of art onto your account right after the auction sale has terminated.

All your information available 24 hours a day: your online account


As soon as you have asked for a first estimate, a confidential and secured online account is created for you. You will be able to get back all your personal data (address, telephone, bank details...), all your works of art to be estimated (and the result of their estimate), all your sales (previous and upcoming), all your purchases and accounting.